How to spot a scam, fraudulent or fake websites? part 2 — fake Social Media page.

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Apart from websites, one of the attractions used by scammers is Social Media. Either Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is easier for the masses to access social media accounts because they interact with them daily. Experts say that an average of people spends about 2 1/2 hours a day on these platforms and the Facebook is the most popular form. So, this is another scheme to fall prey to a scam.

Tip #2 Browse their social media page

The tips I will give you are the hints on checking a fake account or page:

A. Take a couple of minutes to double-check the social media page/channel. Visit the ‘About us’ page and read the text there.

Fake Chrono FB page, captured by our Marketing team

This photo was taken on the Fake Chrono Adventure page. You can see here that there are no followers because they just created this page, they also have no information posted, and all their pictures were stolen from our FB page.

On our Facebook page, we have followers around 11k and still counting, other social media pages & channels and email addresses also placed. Also, shows when our Facebook page was created.

B. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes, or phrases that don’t sound good.

Image source from Fake Chrono FB page

C. Tagging some people. They tagged some people to make their page look legit but if you notice, the following persons don’t follow the fake Chrono Fb page.

Note: The following pictures were captured by our Marketing team during investigating the fake Chrono Adventure page.

D. They also use a hacked account after a few minutes they will replace it so it will not be detected when the account is being reported. Below, you see a person named “Gbenga Adefila” talking to the person who complained to us. A few minutes later, it became a Chrono Adventures (fake) account.

hacked account

E. They engage in conversation and then offer you a tempting promotion that promises that you will get good replacement value. Sometimes they talk to you thru private messages, then they offer their promo, and “only a few people speak” to make the said promo look legitimate.

Note: The following pictures were captured by our Marketing team during investigating the fake Chrono Adventure page.
Note: This picture was reported and sent to us by some people since they noticed that the scammer approached them.

F. The Fraudsters also create fake Avatars and names of a well -known influencers on Youtube, Twitch, and famous personalities to victimize. It is better not to contact or talk and find out if the account is legit before making a conversation.

To be safe from scammer: Be investigative, or analyze the Social media page o channel. Check the offers of scammers especially many today are so good at creating pages, that they almost mimic the original pages and channels. Report suspicious pages and do not provide any information that they can use to rob you or people close to you.

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