How to spot a scam, fraudulent or fake websites?

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Nowadays, a scammer is rampant. One of the activities of scammers today is to use fake websites to lure victims. As a result, they are more likely to get your personal information due to modern technology and some details posted on your social media.

You can use this tip to identify and avoid fake, fraudulent, or scam websites.

Tip #1: Look for a padlock

A padlock beside a website’s URL indicates the site is encrypted, so what you do on it — such as browsing or making transactions — cannot be intercepted.

The majority of websites now have this feature, so if you notice a website does not have one, this could be a RED FLAG.

However, similarly, fraudsters can create or purchase these padlocks, so seeing one does not constantly mean a web site is risk-free.

Fake Chrono website already reported.

Some websites are tagged with a symbol of a triangle with an exclamation mark inside, this indicates a warning or attention symbol. Such website has already been reported or the website used by the scammer has been downed. Sometimes they continue to use the URL as a fraudulent address because most scam victims do not check or research before joining the scammer’s offers

Legit Chrono Adventures website

To be safe from scammer: Be investigative, or analyze the websites. Check the offers of scammers especially many today are so good at creating websites, that they almost mimic the original websites. Report suspicious websites and do not provide information they can use to rob you or people close to you.

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