Chrono Adventures NFT Dev update 27

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2 min readMar 31, 2022


official assets of Chrono Adventures NFT

We never stop developing and improving our game so that we can give you a great RPG gaming experience. Every concept and detail improves, so for the time of our launch, your gameplay will be smooth.

• Match making scene UI modified

Match making scene UI modified

Match making scene UI modified- The match-making scene is a new feature and embedded in the Arena scene on both the “Rank” and “VS AI” (random mode) phase.

Match making scene

This feature shows the search for an opponent for PVP mode, but a certain amount of time will be allotted for the search for an opponent. Can also be canceled (Press the “CANCEL” button) in case the player changes his mind before finding an opponent.

We have a Big Announcement this April. Stay tune for more Dev updates and always check our social media for the information.

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