Chrono Adventures NFT Dev update 15

Today’s update will present you the Practice mode vs. Hero AI. This feature will add to the Arena scene, which assists you to exercise or develop your strategy at your current heroes class and level.

• Custom AI
• Random AI

Custom AI — The player can choose the AI ​​he/she wants to fight. It can set it to any meta or build he/she want to practice. You can create an team of AI full def class, or balance class, or more heal and crit type build. This feature can give you multiple class building techniques, and positioning heroes so you can use both on Adventure and Arena scenes.

Random AI — The program itself automatically selects the AI ​​to compete. This could be an unbalanced build or an irregular class to choose from.

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Chrono Adventures Official

Chrono Adventures was founded by a group of block-chain enthusiasts, crypto traders, passionate gamers, and world-class game developers.