Chrono Adventures: Dawn of the Heroes part 3

As the battle continues, more Eternus’ legions are summoned, a new wave of evil monsters are sent to slaughter the warriors and knights fighting along with the heroes. Some have lost their morale and are beginning to lose hope of winning their battle in this bloody war.

But in the middle of the battle, from the eastern side of the battle field, fireballs flew towards the monsters causing the flight and destruction of the newly arrived monsters. The group of Shirroe, Edea, Karraz and Xing have arrived to join the battle with the talented warriors and magicians.

This group is led by Shirroe, A professor of Arcadia Magic Academy and it has a power can see a glimpse of events in the future. His formidable magic skill is “Solomon’s Burst” — he channels his energy into his hands and release it on enemy in front of him dealing destructive damage.

Next to him was also an expert in the field of magic — Edea, Arcadia Kingdom’s Sorceress and one of the Chrono’s Guardians. Her passion to magic creates a special skill “Hellfire” — she cast a wall of fire around her that deals damage to her enemies in short period of time.

While the monsters are busy fighting the 2 magicians, Xing also attacks and one by one knocks down the opponent without the other monsters noticing. Xing, an Assassin mastered the art of using knives and the first and most trained student of Lee. His “Fatal Blow” distinctive skill releases a wind attack with his blades dealing great damage to the enemy.

Most of the warriors were wounded but they were amazed at the gradual healing of their wound, they noticed there was light coming from someone. Someone with magic to heal their wounds, he is Hazael’s brother, Karraz. A High-Priest from Lumin Kingdom, one of the guardians of Chronos. An expert on using support and healing magic who calls himself the Exorcist. His “Team Heal” skills gives his allies recover and granting damage increase and defense boost for short period of time.

Now, after I present to you the finest Heroes of Gaia, you can rest assure this Heroes will lead you the victorious war against forces of Eternus and giving us reversal the tide of war and balance of the 3 realms.

Good luck Adventurer may the goddess of victory smile upon you.

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